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Purchasing a new or used car can be overwhelming. We have compiled 11 car buying tips to help you on your next auto purchase to eliminate stress and enter a dealership with a peace of mind.

1. Research. Everyone can get access to facts and figures about vehicles. Research pricing and see which dealership has the lowest pricing for the vehicle you are wanting.

2. Choose a car that fits your needs. You need to ask yourself these questions:

  • How many passengers will I be driving around?
  • How easily can I or others get in and out of the vehicle?
  • Does this vehicle really fit my needs?
  • Is this vehicle only suited for occasional needs?

3. Test drive the vehicle. Spend enough time behind the wheel to become familiar with the vehicle’s performance. It will be too late to return once you purchase the vehicle that the vehicle is noisy going 75 mph down the interstate or the seats are uncomfortable for long road trips.

4. Consider buying a used vehicle. There are many certified pre-owned programs that manufactures have raised the bar on used cars. Most include:

  • Detailed vehicle inspection
  • Extension on the new car power train warranty
  • Financing used cars is cheaper than ever before

5. Make a list of features that you need. Do not allow “feature creep” to creep in. Optional features may seem like a necessity but can dramatically increase your purchase price. Stick with your list.

6. Take your time on purchasing a vehicle. Rushing into a purchase will only shift the negotiating leverage toward the dealer because you, the buyer, are more likely to walk away without making a deal.

7. Stick with your budget. You have done your research. You have arranged financing with Tyler City Employees’ Credit Union. You have assessed your needs. Do not let the dealer talk you into a vehicle that costs way more than you have budgeted for. Avoid the buyer’s remorse.

8. Arrive to the dealership with a loan pre-approval in hand. This will prevent a costly mistake! Without a loan pre-approval, you will be pushed into their financing that profits the dealer more than helping you.

9. Sell your old car instead of trading it in. The dealer will profit more off your trade-in and will “muddy the waters” on the details of your vehicle purchase. By selling your vehicle, you will prevent a mistake that will cost you money.

10. Focus on the purchase price. If you focus on the monthly payment, you may end up with an inflated interest rate and a longer term than you wanted. This mistake is a very costly one.

11. Buy instead of leasing. By the end of the lease, you will not own the vehicle. You will have to repeat the process all over again. You could be upside down and lease interest rates could be higher.

Tyler City Employees’ Credit Union is here to help you save more and to help prevent costly mistakes. We want you, our member, to save where you can rather than give away your hard-earned money. Remember you can bring in your contract if you have it financed elsewhere, and Tyler City Employees’ Credit Union can either match the rate or give you *2% off.

*2% off cannot go below our lowest auto interest rate. Certain restrictions apply.