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Jack Hawkins, one of the original members, saw a need for a credit union since most city employees were not able to get loans at a bank because of their income. The idea for the City Employee Credit Union was born on July 30, 1952, with a short letter of 32 words addressed to The Credit Union, Box 57, Madison, WI. On August 5, 1952, Mr. G. V. McNallie, City Clerk, received a correspondence letter with leaflets for distribution to the city employees from the Credit Union National Association, Inc. The Credit Union National Association was also willing to send additional leaflets, without charge. Mr. McNallie was informed Mr. James M. Barry, Managing Director, Texas Credit Union League, would be in contact with him.

On August 8, 1952, Mr. McNallie received a letter from Paul H. Mullins, Assistant Managing Director, saying he would be receiving additional credit union literature. He was notified on August 14, 1952, Mr. E. C. Moore, field representative would be in the area to assist in applying for a credit union charter, should the decision be made to confer.

A year later, Mr. McNallie received the following to support the application of the proposed Tyler City Employees’ Credit Union in Tyler, Texas:

  • Special information and instructions for the completion of the application for the State Charter
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Deposit slip of $83.50
  • Check for $10, payable to the Department of Banking, State of Texas, for the charter fee

The State of Banking Board granted approval of the charter for the Tyler City Employees’ Credit Union on August 12, 1953.